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Our system lets you manage all your WordPress sites in one place, each with seriously amped-up performance.

Automatic Everything

You don’t have to worry about stuff like backups and HTTPS, this is all handled behind the scenes. Just point your domains at us and we’ll register TLS certificates on the fly. If a customer ruined part of their site and you need to restore it, simply dive into your backups and restore with one click.

HTTPS By default

Just point your domains and we register certificates for HTTPS automatically.

Always backed-up

You don’t have to worry about losing data or breaking a site because daily backups for all sites is automatic.

Serious Caching

Each site you create will automatically be placed behind front-facing caching load-balancers. You can tune cache performance by using plugins that control HTTP cache headers. But usually everything just works out of the box. This insures your site is blazing fast and can handle huge throughput.

Auto Purging

When you or a customer makes an update, the cache for that page is automatically invalidated so that the next page view will be fresh.

Instantly Scalable

Your site will be able to handle huge throughput without having to spin-up any servers or worry about firewalls.


Every account and every site comes packed with the following features.

Real person support

If you need help, we’re just a phone call, email or chat window away. A real WordPress expert will there to help you.

Serious Security

Your sites are automatically scanned for malwear and security threats. All sites are behind military-grade firewalls.

Automatic Backups

Rest assured that when you add a site it will automatically be backed-up, daily, with 10 days of backup history.

LIGHTning fast caching

All your sites are auto-cached so that site visitors experience blazing fast load times.


We’re always updating our documentation so that you have all the answers right at your fingertips.

AUTOmatic Updates

We only update WordPress core for minor security releases so you don’t have to worry about an update breaking your sites.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what these heavy-hitters have to say.

“We seamlessly manage thousands of WordPress websites with WidePath.”

John Hart

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