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The Managed WordPress Hosting of your Dreams*

*We’re always adding and improving features. Let us know what the perfect Managed WordPress Hosting would be for you!

Good news! We’re building a new kind of Managed WordPress Hosting for designers, freelancers, and agencies.

Managed WordPress Hosting means we take care of all of the – sometimes messy, often tricky, always technical – behind the scenes parts of hosting that give designers all sorts of headaches, heartburn, and hysteria. This also includes all of those make-or-break-important things that are hurting your websites or your clients’ websites and you don’t even know that you don’t know about them.

You can finally! get back to doing what you do best – building amazing and great looking WordPress websites. We would love to see the websites you have built and hear about what WordPress problems or issues you wish somebody would solve for you – so get in touch!

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Or just send us an email to let us know how we can make a managed WordPress hosting service that is perfect for you

We’re building a world-class WordPress managed hosting service that is fine-tuned and dialed-in for WordPress and WordPress only.

Technical Stuff

(our servers are fine tuned for WordPress and WordPress only)

Pages load faster

The speed that your website loads really matters. It affects your ranking on Google, and more importantly, it increases conversions. Amazon and Walmart both reported an increase in 1% of revenue for every 0.1 seconds increase in speed.

100% Uptime Guarantee

If your websites aren’t up 100% of the time, our service is free for that month – even if it isn’t our fault!

Security Monitoring, Scanning, and Detecting

24/7 monitoring so we catch the problems before they happen.

Nightly Backups

Backups for whenever you ever need them, and we’ll save as many as you want for as long as you need.

Automatic Scalability

If your website gets bigger, if you want to add more websites, or the traffic dramatically increases on any of your websites we have you covered. You don’t have to tell us or pre-pay in advance.

Everyday Stuff

(makes your life easier and working with WidePath a pleasure)

Free/Fast/Easy Migration

We’ll move your WordPress websites – and even websites that aren’t on WordPress – over to our system for free! No worry, stress, or hassle. Same thing the other way around. If you need to move one or all of your websites out of our system, we take care of it!

Smooth Interface

This is one place that we are going to really wow you. When you want to add new websites or manage any of your websites it will be so fast, easy, and intuitive. We’ll also have tons of handy statistics and settings that you customize if you are into that sort of thing.

Themes, Plugins, and Updates all in one Place

We know that WordPress, themes, and plugins update pretty regularly. This can be a huge hassle when you are running a lot of websites with different combinations of plugins. You don’t have to worry about that anymore! You can see and manage all of your themes, plugins, and updates in one easy to use dashboard.

Staging Area and Collaboration

Making and testing changes and then sending the to your live website when everything is ready and perfect will be easier than ever. Setting up and managing users that can contribute to your website will be fast and easy, so no more sharing passwords.

Expert WordPress Support

Our support is 24/7, instant, over the phone if you want, or through text message/chat on your phone or computer. We’re real people with real expertise with WordPress. We’ll solve almost all of your problem before you even have them, and we’ll be here if you want to talk 24/7.

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WidePath is at La Gare business incubator in beautiful emerging startup hub city Montreal, Canada.


5333 Avenue Casgrain, Montréal, QC H2T 1X3