Storing Backups when Your Customers Cancel

Jan 10th 2021

If you're a serious web-developer/designer/agency then that means you deal with customers cancelling. It's an inevitable part of your business because somethings your customers go out of business, sometimes they change providers, whatever. It happens and it requires your attention.

You obviously want to keep a longterm backup of their site, just incase they come back or in case they ask you for something later. It's always worth it because if they do need something, you look like hero because you're able to provide it our of the goodness of your heart even though they're not a customer anymore. This can cause goodwill and will keep people referring business to you. So it's worth it to keep backups.

So now let's say you want to get a clone of a site. Well you definitely need to get all the files, but that's not enough. You also definitely need the entire MySQL database. If you don't get both, you don't really have anything.

Some hosting providers are good at making this really easy, but others like SiteGround make is verrrrrry difficult. In fact, SiteGround doesn't offer anyway to download your backups, so you need to find a plugin to do this, boo.

In our platform, you simply, go to a site, go to backups, then click the 'Download' link to download a particular snapshot. You can even generate a new backup and download it if you want to get the very latest data. Easy!

Now that you've got a backup for the site, you can upload it to any storage you want: an external drive, DropBox, whatever you want!

If you don’t have a hosting provider that offers these features, then give WidePath a try. We’re currently offering a promotion of 5 free sites, that’s plenty to get started and try us out.