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Common Issues

My site doesn't seem to be pointed correctly

Our article about Common Pitfalls with Domain Names and WordPress probably explains where the problem lies.

My site isn't showing as secure, why?

You need to click the Generate Certificate button on the Secure tab inside the control panel. Read How To Manage SSL/TLS For All Your Domains to go into more detail.

How do I point my domain name?

This article explains everything with screenshots: How to Point Domain Names with WidePath.

How to I use SFTP

We've got a slick SFTP system that features a single login for all your sites, so you don't need to juggle passwords. Our article Simplified SFTP – All Your Sites in One Account does into detail on how to connect to your account with SFTP.

How do I make a new site?

Check out our article, How To Setup A New Site.