Enabling HTTPS For Primary & Secondary Domains

HTTPS is enabled automatically in WidePath, for all domains.

As long as you have entered all your hostnames into WidePath, and then pointed them correctly from your DNS provider, there is nothing else to do.

Disabling HTTPS For All Domains

If you need to disable HTTPS for any reason (eg. testing, API access, etc), follow these instructions:
1. Navigate to the site in the WidePath dashboard.

2. Click on the tab “Secure Mode (HTTPS)”.

3. Uncheck the “Force HTTPS?” box.

4. You will see a note in green, that says “Successfully disabled the ‘Force HTTPS’ setting”. Click the “x” to close it.

5. You will then see another message, saying “Updating ‘Force HTTPS’ setting…”. Your site is now limited to HTTP traffic only.

6. As soon as you are ready to turn HTTPS back on, just re-check the “Force HTTPS?” box.

These changes are instantaneous.