With this release, you can now request migrations more easily and from within the https://widepath.app control panel. Simply navigate to Account > Migrate a Site. You then just complete the form to the best of your ability and we’ll handle the rest!

When you add a site, you’ll be able to see the status of the migration and you’ll also receive an email when it has been completed.

Here is a little more info about the form you need to complete and the information you need to give us.

Make sure you give us enough details so that we can successfully login and locate your PHP code files as well as your MySql database.

  • Identifier: This is just a name used to reference the migration later. This name will also be the identifier used to create the new site instance.
  • Website Url: This is simply the URL of the website you want to migrate.
  • FTP hostname or url access point: Here is where you give the way in which you access/edit/publish your PHP code. This might be FTP/SFTP or it could be a CPanel url. Examples…
    • sftp://blah.websiteprovider.com:2222
    • https://cpanel.websiteprovider.com/
  • Username & Password: The credentials to login to get your PHP code files
  • Separate MySql host/user/pass: Only provide these details if your MySql server is located on a different host and has different credentials than those provided above.