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Easy one-click WordPress instances with free HTTPS and CDN.

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Why you'll love WidePath

We're focused on providing the best features, integrations and workflows for serious developers, agencies and designers.

Automatic Backups

You never have to worry about saving before making a change because backups just happen

CDN Backed

Every site comes with a globally distributed CDN making your site fast everywhere on planet earth

Free HTTPS Certificates

One-click HTTPS certificates so that visitors don't see that pesky "Not Secure" warning

Single SFTP Signon

All your site instances are in one SFTP account, so no more shuffling a bunch of passwords

Launch from a Blueprint

Blueprints are already configured the way you like it, this reduces the steps to setup new sites

Personal Support

Real humans are here to help when you need it via telephone, chat or email


Stop managing multiple hosting accounts and keep everything in one place

With WidePath, you can migrate all your sites so that everything is in one place and you don't have to juggle hosting accounts.

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